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Cotton Ginning Machinery  

The Flow of Cotton Through a Continental Eagle Cotton Ginning System

Cotton Ginning Machine

Cotton Ginning System

1. Module Feeder 11. Conveyor Distributor
2. Suction Telescopes 12. 9000 Feeder
3. Big-J Feed Control 13. 161 Gin Stand
4. Vertical Flow Drier 14. Centrifugal Cleaner
5. Incline Cleaner 15. 24-D Tandem Lint Cleaners
6. Stripper Cleaner 16. Battery Condenser
7. Stick Machine 17. Covered Lint Slide
8. Tower Drier 18. Belt Feeder
9. Incline Cleaner 19. 9300 Up-Packing Universal Density Bale Press
10. Impact Cleaner 20. Bale Tying
21. Bale Bagging And Conveying

tower drier and fans cotton module feeder two stand cotton gin system gin stand and console

Beginning with the feeding systems, cotton enters the ginning system by one of three methods; a manually operated suction pipe, a hydraulic "Suction Command" suction system, or the module feeding system. The suction systems deliver the seed cotton to the gin plant. The module feeder breaks up and automatically feeds seed cotton into the gin plant.

When the suction systems are used, the cotton is moved by air to Continental Eagle's Big "J" automatic feed control. The Big "J" is optional with the module feeder. The Big "J" is used to receive, open and feed stripper harvested, machine picked, and hand picked cotton into the hot airline at its discharge.

High Velocity hot air carries seed cotton through the Vertical Flow first stage drying system where a large portion of moisture is removed, opening seed cotton for first stage pre-cleaning - the removal of bulky trash, such as leaves, stems, and dirt. The first stage pre-cleaning most commonly consists of an inclined cleaner which feeds the seed cotton into a Stripper cleaner for stripper harvested seed cotton or directly to the Super III....for machine picked seed cotton when the Stripper cleaner is not required. Following the Super III, seed cotton discharges into another hot airline and passes to the second stage drying system for more moisture removal before a second stage pre-cleaning. This second stage commonly involves the use of a Continental Eagle Inclined Cleaner and Impact Cleaner, which removes the finer trash.

Clean, dry seed cotton is discharged into a conveyor which distributes it to the Golden Eagle Extractor-Feeder, which removes the finest trash and single locks seed cotton before entering the Golden Eagle 161 Saw Gin where the lint is removed from the seed.

Centrifugal cleaning gin Seed and trash are discharged into separate conveyors below the floor. Lint is moved by air from the gin to the Centrifugal Lint Cleaner where trash is removed by centrifugal force. Lint is then moved by air to.... Single or Tandem 24-D Lint Cleaners for final cleaning. Cleaned lint is pneumatically conveyed through the lint flue, to the battery condenser. The condenser forms the lint into a continuous batt conveyed down a lint slide to a press. From here, it is compressed and baled automatically into true universal density bales in one of Continental Eagle's U D Presses, the model 9300 press.

Our exclusive Jenglo bale tying system, Continental's unique bale handling, bagging and conveying system complete the process, putting on the final touch of high speed automation for super high capacity ginning.

This is only a basic model of a total ginning system; variations may be designed to fit any need, regardless of capacity or volume.

Cotton 9300 up-packing press up-packing 930 press down packing 950 press cotton gin machinery

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